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DigitalEffex provides marketing and web design in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Navarre, and other cities in Northwest Florida. We also provide web hosting in Pensacola as well as all over the country. In addition to design and hosting, we provide eCommerce web design, SEO services, social media management, website maintenance, cloud computing, and other web resources. At DigitalEffex, our number one priority is customer support. We deal with you on a one-on-one basis to make sure you understand each and every aspect of the work we do for you. We have earned our success not by resting on our achievements, but by continually upgrading our capabilities. We offer a wide range of creative marketing and web-based services, business solutions, social media management, and website maintenance. Upgrade your online presence with our web hosting, design and development, or utilize our experience in marketing and enterprise management. Whatever your needs, our expert team of web designers in Pensacola has the skill and commitment to make that ambition a reality. Growing your business is our business. Here are some of the services we provide.


Whether it’s videos, PPC ads, banners, flyers, script writing you need or more, DigitalEffex has all of your marketing needs covered.

Web Design, Development & Maintenance

Running a web-based business, your reputation can be your greatest asset. Demonstrate your company’s strength with a professional design and we’ll keep your site up to date for you.

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce is growing exponentially and DigitalEffex can provide your business with a professional website and shopping cart solution. We’re prepared to help your company find a solution for the needs that best suit you.

Social Media & Consulting

Developing your web presence in today’s world requires more than a web address. Bring fans and customers to you or your business through smart application of social networking technologies. Check out our Social Media Packages.

Logo Design

Your brand is your business’s lifeline and brand recognition is key. DigitalEffex houses a team of expert logo designers and we’re here to make your brand pop. Contact us today to tell us about your business so we can develop an awesome logo for you.


We integrate the latest in advertising and SEO techniques along with statistics monitoring to bring you the largest audience possible while also providing you with the data to know what they are looking for. Check out our development services.

Web Hosting

Premier provider of web hosting and Internet solutions for individuals, families and small to medium-sized businesses. We worry about the technical side of your website and your online business so you don’t have to.

Mobile Development

We design all of our websites to be mobile responsive. In this day in age it’s vital for your site to look good across all platforms.  We can also create your very own mobile app.

Cloud Computing

In the world of Cloud Computing, DigitalEffex is here to get your data implemented into a robust cloud environment.











Brand Development from Marketing to Web Design to Social Media to SEO



digital marketing strategies

DigitalEffex provides marketing in Pensacola, FL and all over the US. Our marketing services include Videos, Flyers, PPC Ads, Blog Writing, Business Proposals, Presentations, Social Media Marketing and Management and more. For a complete list of the marketing services provided by DigitalEffex, please click on the image above.

Web Design, Development, and Maintenance

Website design

DigitalEffex provides web design in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. Moving your business online can be as difficult as it is rewarding. Our team of professionals will work with you to develop a website that is both functional and attractive. We combine almost two decades of web development experience with the latest technology when designing and coding your website to ensure a unique product that reflects the needs and business goals of our clientele. Whether your needs are satisfied by a static page or you need a dynamically generated site, DigitalEffex has the experience and ability to get it done. We also offer website monitoring and maintenance packages for a very low price. For more information about our Web Design Services, click the picture above.

eCommerce Web Design

DigitalEffex provides eCommerce web design in Pensacola FL and around the US

DigitalEffex provides eCommerce web design in Pensacola and around the US. eCommerce is growing exponentially and DigitalEffex can provide your business with a professional website and shopping cart solution. We're prepared to help your company find a solution for the needs that best suit you. Our eCommerce websites streamline and simplify the management of your online business. Please Contact Us for your Free Consultation by Clicking on the Image

Web Hosting

website hosting

DigitalEffex provides web hosting in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. No matter what type of domain hosting you require, we have the solution. We provide a full suite of applications for development and management of web resources, including blogs, content management systems, customer support software, and image galleries. All of our hosted sites are backed up on redundant servers to nearly eliminate server downtime, connected to a 25-gigabit bandwidth pipeline and backed up by “anywhere, anytime” customer service. If your business outgrows your current package, easy upgrades make it simple to increase disk space. For support, reliability, and room to grow, choose DigitalEffex. For more information about our Web Hosting Services, click the picture above.

Dedicated and VPS Servers

DigitalEffex Dedicated and VPS Servers

DigitalEffex offers both dedicated and VPS servers in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. If basic shared hosting doesn’t quite fit your needs and you need a little more control over your host, then VPS hosting could be the right fit for you. If you need a more advanced host with extensive customization options, then we can also provide you with dedicated options. Please contact us (by clicking on the image above) and we'd be happy to go over your options.

Social Media Management

bigstock Social media icons on smartpho 60749672

DigitalEffex provides social media management in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. In the new social media paradigm, contacts are king. Increase your visibility with a social networking profile, and watch customers flock to you. Whether you are bringing your business or act to the web for the first time, increasing your presence across several platforms, or expanding operations to fill multiple niches, DigitalEffex has been there before. Our years of experience using the web to promote our clients give us a valuable perspective. We will work with you to develop a marketing strategy to expand your online audience through networking. To contact us for more information on this, click on the picture above.

Logo Design

DigitalEffex Logo Design

DigitalEffex provides logo design in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. Your brand is your business's lifeline and brand recognition is key. DigitalEffex houses a team of expert logo designers and we're here to make your brand pop. Click the pic above to send us an email of what you need, and we'll get started immediately.


Enteprise content management

DigitalEffex provides SEO in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. We understand that your website is not an end in itself, but a means for your business to conduct other operations. Using the latest search engine optimization technology and theory, our team of experts will maximize the visibility of your website and drive consumers to your door through intelligent use of social networking, email, and online advertising. Our staff will monitor and evaluate your website’s traffic and usage to discover what works for you and what doesn’t and to help you plan strategically for the future. For more info on our SEO techniques, click the picture above.

Mobile Development

responsive websites

DigitalEffex provides mobile-friendly web design in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. Our clients understand the importance of social networking to developing and maintaining an image. With years of experience and a long list of top-name clients, DigitalEffex is the leader in custom mobile friendly designs. We work with you to create a site that draws attention to your best assets and encourages positive interaction from your fans and customers. We can also create a custom mobile app to go along with your site. Ask a representative how our referral program and payment plans make any project fit within your budget. Check out our design services (which are all mobile-friendly) by clicking the picture above.

Cloud Services

DigitalEffex Cloud Computing in Pensacola

DigitalEffex provides cloud computing in Pensacola, FL and all over the country. In the world of Cloud Computing, DigitalEffex is here to get your data implemented into a robust cloud environment. We will rapidly develop and deploy innovative cloud-native applications designed for the cloud economy. We'll help engage your organization with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas. Click the image above to contact us for a free consultation.

Upgrade your project's presence with our marketing and web development services

Our Work

Whether your business is an aspiring startup or established professional enterprise, DigitalEffex knows what you’re facing.  We have worked with some of the biggest names in pop culture and the entertainment industry, including Sony, Playboy, and MTV. Our clientele has come to rely on our exceptional level of service, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver it.  Check out just a few of our recent projects below.

  • Atmore Industries
  • HiFi Guys Online
  • Property Reflections
  • Stan's Sportsbar
  • Beyond The Grape Pensacola
  • Johnny Santana
  • Star Capital Annuity
  • Premium Coffee & Tea
  • Gary Lovelace & Associates
  • NJ Shrink Wrapping

Check out our entire client listing below:

17 Candle
A-1 Pools and Spas
ADRX Medical
Affordable Housing Group
Agnostic Front
Aimee Allen
Airbrush Studios
All American Renovation, LLC
Andre Granovsky
Andrea Rosario
AOLArmada Music
Armin Van Buuren
Atmore Industries
Bardin Palomo
Barry Guberman
Bellview Goods
Berman Brothers
Beyond The Grape Pensacola
Big Fish International
Big Man’s West
Big Man’s Brew
Big Man’s Smokes
Bitter X
BKP Photo
Blend Apparel
Boston Stair
Boyce Avenue
Branded Music Group
Brooke Hogan
BX Sports
Citrus A Peel
Clark’s Hair and Face
Clean & Clear Power Washing
Club Abyss
Coko Korinne
Cole Hernandez
College Humor
Compass Commercial
Connecticut State Police
Crazy Loop
Cris Russo
Crooklyn Clan
Cruze Mobile
Culinary Prep
Damien Fahey
Dan Balan
Dan Levy
Dan Reardon
Dan Wagner Photography
Daniel Kinno

Dave Bal
Deko Lounge
Denny Tsettos
DJ Chachi
DJ Chris Ramos
DJ Dimitri
DJ Egha
DJ Finesse
DJ Frank Pellegrino
DJ Gabe Ramos
DJ Joey Jammz
DJ Kontor
DJ Louie Devito
DJ Martial
DJ Peter Bailey
DJ Richie Santana
DJ Riz
DJ Scotty Thompson
DJ Sizzahandz
DJ Skribble
DJ Sophia Lin
DJ Vinny Goods
Dogs At Play
Elliot Yamin
Emily Gimmel
EscaRosa Cooling & Heating
Evan Farmer
Evergreen Print & Mailing
Excellence In Design
Fantasy History Network
Fedde Le Grand
Fiji Water
FireHouse Management
Freddy Figgs
Freeport Chamber of Commerce
Freeport Motor Inn
Garden State Liquidators
Gary Lovelace & Associates
Gina Zanetti
Glass Discotecka
Global Goddess Beauty
Gotham Dream Cars
Helion Tide
Heroe’s Property Group
HiFi Guys
Hightower Industries, LLC
Home Comfort of NJ
Horseshoe Kitty
Hype Event Marketing
Ian Walsh

Intense Nightlife
Jack Black
Jaylyn Ducati
Jeremiah’s Journey
John O’Callaghan
Johnny Ray Salsa Con Clase
Johnny Santana
Jonathan Peters
Joshua Seth
Jupiter Rising
Kamura Eley
KI Events
Kim Sozzi
Kip Sonnier
Kyle Anthony
LI Wedding Planners
Lighter Side Podcast
Lil Jon
Lisa Marie Presley
LS Contractors, LLC
Lucas Prata
Lush Life Kills
Make Peace Brothers
Marcel Woods
Marcus Schossow
Mark Hall
Mark Iliffe
Mark Passy
Massive Events
Metabolic Medicine Consultants
Michael Nappi
Mike Morales
Mine with Myriah
Mobius AirX
Molto Bene
New Legend Boxing Club
Nicole Badaan
Nina Sky
NJ Shrink Wrapping
North Fullerton Surgery Center
Ocean Renal Associates
OnTrack Report
Over the Rainbow Child Development Center
Overdrive Records
Owen Replay
PA Shrink Wrapping
Peace River Logistics, Inc.
Pensacola Football Club
Perdido Counseling Professionals
Perdido Key Association
Peter Knife
Pimp Juice
PizzaBall Podcast
Premiere Health Exchange

Property Reflections
Pure Energy
Quinnipiac University
r3 Ventures
Richard Tanne
Robert Nickson
Ronski Speed
Ruben Studdard
Ryan Cabrera
Samuel Property Solutions
Sandbar USA
Sander Van Doorn
Sapphire Technologies
Satin Dolls
Shawn Brown Music
Sied Van Riel
Sied Van Riel Fans
Smokey Robinson
Sony BMG
Soundtrack Beat Battle
South Bay Construction
Southern Climate Solutions
Spa Week
Stacey Scheininger Learning Out Loud
Stanford Dance Studio
Stan’s Sports Bar
Star 69 Records
Star Capital Annuity
Steve-O Campus Invasion
Steve Greenwell
Stripes Pub & Grill
Styles and Trends
Tenacious D
The Ars Supernova
The Clean Doctors
The Crystal Method
The Flair Boutique
The Landers Sisters
The Plastic Surgery Group
The Virtual Key
Tommy Lee
Tube Towels
Union Public House
Vigilant Services Group
Von Dutch
West Avenue Records
Whitney Cummings
Will “Power” Rosinsky
Xcite Energy
Ying Yang Twins
Yo Pal! Entertainment

Whatever your business needs, our expert team has the skill and commitment to make that ambition a reality.


Read What Some of Our Valued Clients are Saying About DigitalEffex Marketing & Web Design

Stacy from Pensacola, FL:

Awesome company! Everyone was extremely professional & always a pleasure to work with. I loved seeing my vision come to life through their design.

Val from Jersey City, NJ:

I’ve been with DigitalEffex for over a decade and have never once considered switching to another company. They offer great service at an affordable price. When I reach out for technical support I get timely and helpful responses. I couldn’t be happier.

Lisa from Princeton Junction, NJ:

DigitalEffex is great if you’re looking to develop or re-vamp your website. They are very easy to work with and always understood my requests. Their turnaround time is super fast and they even get back to you quickly on weekends. Great service, I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Brenda from Gulf Breeze, FL:

Thank you DigitalEffex. I love my new site and so do my clients! You made it so easy and worry free. All I did was tell you what I wanted gave the images and you everything that I had in mind. BKP Photo new site is now clear and to the point easy to navigate and gives the client all the information they and best of all I didn’t have to do any of it. I love that you are local and I can pick up the phone and call any time. GREAT WORK thank you

Colbie from Pensacola, FL:

DigitalEffex designed my website and also handles my site’s maintenance. Since signing up with their services, my business has definitely increased. They’re extremely responsive and always get back to me when I have a question immediately. I’ve dealt with other web designers and web hosting companies, and none have customer support as good as DigitalEffex. Highly recommended!

Chad from Milton, FL:

DigitalEffex is awesome!! They designed me a website for my business and it looks great! They are always available when I need them and answer any questions I may have and gets it resolved fast! Give them a call if you need a website design and hosted. Great customer service!!

Daphne from Pensacola, FL:

The customer service at DigitalEffex is amazing. They created a new website for me and kept me in the loop the entire process. I highly recommend them to build, host, and maintain your website and social media.

Steven from Pensacola, FL:

I contacted DigitalEffex to build me a mobile friendly website and they did a great job. The new site was completed within just a couple weeks, and they are now handling all of my maintenance and social media accounts. I would highly recommend DigitalEffex!

Spottv J from Greensboro, NC:

Great Service! SPOTTELEVISION has been a loyal client of Digital Effex for as long as I can remember. Great Company, Dependable, They will not let you down.

Roger from Pensacola, FL:

I’ve been working with DigitalEffex for the past year and a half… they designed and host my website and manage my online presence and marketing. I have seen great results since I took them on and always appreciate the prompt and professional service. Highly recommended!

Jared from Rumson, NJ:

Been working with DigitalEffex for a few years now and have been very satisfied with their work. Reasonable prices, prompt responses – truly couldn’t ask for any better service. I highly recommend them.

Michael from Freehold, NJ:

Amazing Service! Eric and his team were very easy to work with. We approached them with an idea for our website, and before we knew it, we had several different options to choose from. They were very patient with us as we changed our minds several times throughout the design process.. Great prices and great customer service! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.. Thanks again Eric!!

Christine from Pensacola, FL:

I had my website designed by this company a year ago. Very happy with the finished product and professional service over the last year. They explain the process and work with you to get it right and communication with them is fast and easy. Highly recommend!

Brenda D. from Pensacola, FL:

I was so glad I choose this company for revamping my old out of date website. I now have the latest technology and they are managing the tweets, twitter, and facebook. They are professional, have excellent communication and they delivered exactly what they said they could do at a reasonable price and quick time. They worked with me to get exactly what I wanted and the final product is awesome! I definitely recommend them.

Freeport Chamber of Commerce from Freeport, NY:

If you’re looking to work with the best of the best, DigitalEffex is who you want! Their customer service is amazing and the quality of the website they created for us was perfect. Love this company!

David from Panama City Beach, FL:

Fantastic Developer! Great to work with!! Top Notch Service!!!

Jonathan from Belmar, NJ:

It was a Pleasure working with Eric. He was easy to communicate with throughout the whole process and was quick to make any of my requested changes! Site looks great! Thank you Digitaleffex!

Lisa from Gulf Breeze, FL:

After deciding we wanted to revamp our website,, we vetted many hosting and design companies, both local and national. We chose DigitalEffex and couldn’t be happier with our decision. Eric and his team revamped our logo and web design/content within a short period of time. They were always responsive, courteous, professional and open for back and forth discussions. Importantly, they were not the high pressure sales kind of organization that becomes intrusive and inudates you with calls and emails. We love having the extra hand in administering our social media, too. That’s a real plus for us! If you are looking for professional design and hosting, paired with great value, we highly recommend DigitalEffex.

Dawn from Navarre, FL:

I love my new website! It is a great representation of my company. Eric was extremely patient with me while I decided what type of site I wanted and what I wanted on it. He made every change that I wanted in a timely manner. The communication was great. He provided updates and timelines along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Highly recommended.

Lori from Pensacola, FL:

Highly recommend. Eric and team were amazing.

Brandi from San Francisco, CA:

DigitalEffex helped our small business, Fly Zone Delivery, with going digital! Despite having to close our business due to the unprecedented times, the process, and resulting website, were fantastic! If we decide to pursue another venture, I will be back!

I would highly recommend Eric and DigitalEffex for your development needs!

Customer Support and Service are our Number 1 Priority



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