November 16, 2016: WordPress is a great platform.  It provides so much flexibility for website design and development for the designer, the site owner, and the end user.  In many cases, it’s even free, as the overall platform is open-source.  You can spend some money to upgrade themes, plugins, and other aspects of WordPress, thereby creating a more customizable and top-notch website.

DigitalEffex WordPress

While WordPress has become the industry standard, there are some responsibilities that come along with using it.  Since it’s an ever-changing and always updating system, many aspects of WordPress need to be kept up to date on a very regular basis.  Themes, plugins, WordPress applications and more are constantly changing and evolving so as to enhance user performance and stay ahead of hackers.  Vulnerabilities can occur when any of these parts of your WordPress site are left unattended to thereby become antiquated.  Hackers can find holes to crawl through and do their damage when you’re running old versions of plugins or themes.  Once the hackers get in, malware is usually installed, which can create a lot of damage to your website, such as phishing and spamming.

DigitalEffex recommends checking and updating these parts of your site at least once per week.  We also recommend always keeping a current backup of files and databases in several places in case of failure.  While many people and businesses simply don’t have time to worry about this sort of responsibility, and would rather focus on their actual work and customers, we have you covered.  DigitalEffex is happy to take on this role for you.  We even provide more services that you might not have time for, including social media marketing, email marketing, and website content updates.  We’ll even write blog posts for you.  Contact us today to learn about our services that can help you save time and prevent any damage to your website.


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