March 22, 2016: DigitalEffex provides a monthly maintenance and monitoring service for websites that we design or other WordPress websites.  This service includes certain content updates, but more importantly, it includes updates to the security and technology of your website.  As certain aspects of sites become outdated (which can happen on a weekly basis in some cases), the overall security and stability of your site can become compromised.

We’ve seen sites get infected with Malware, or become inaccessible altogether simply because some of their needed updates were not taken care of.  We’ve also seen sites lost because of server issues or other technological problems that are out of the site owner’s or the administrator’s control.

The monthly maintenance and monitoring package we offer can ease all of your fears about these issues.  We update all aspects of the the site on a regular basis, and also back up all files and databases from the site.  This way, if anything ever goes wrong with your site, we can easily fix the issue by uploading the files we have saved.  Our servers also automatically back up all sites, but it’s been said that if something isn’t backed up in at least two places, it is not backed up at all.

For more information on our monthly maintenance package, click here.

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