April 14, 2016:  DigitalEffex Web Hosting & Design strives to always be working on new and exciting projects, and yours could be next!  We’ve brought on several new web hosting clients, developed several new website maintenance projects, have recently launched our new custom design website, and have created some music productions for companies in need of custom tracks.  Below is information on just some of the exciting work we’ve undertaken recently.

Web Design Projects:

One new site we’ve redesigned recently is ours!  The brand new DigitalEffex.com launched about a moDigitalEffexnth ago and since its release has gotten rave reviews, and loads of new traffic.  Using the latest designs in One Page portfolio, we strove to make the site as easy to navigate as possible, while keeping the look fresh and exciting.  We included areas that display our work, services, information about our company, and a blog (along with other sections as well).

We have also designed a brand new site for a professional counseling company in FloPerdidorida.  The client was very specific about what they wanted, and we worked together to achieve just what they were looking for.  At first, we came up with a design showing a large homepage image slider, and blog posts underneath it.  At first glance, the client decided it was a little bit too busy for them, especially on a mobile device.  Our design team was happy to oblige and simplify the site so they were happier with the overall feel of the site.  Please check out perdidocounseling.com to see this brand new site.

Another design we’ve recently created, and are still working on, is for Molto Bene Restaurant in New JeMolto Benersey.  They recently moved to a new location and were looking for a new site design to go with it.  This project was similar to Perdido Counseling Professionals in that they were looking for a very basic and simple design that was easy for the user to navigate.  While we create all of our sites to be user friendly, some clients are looking for something very simple, so we do our best to make those goals of simplicity a reality.  Check out moltobeneonline.com today!

As baseball season kicks off, so did the new website for Stan’s Sports Bar in The Bronx, NY.  DigitalEffex had designed their previous site Stansalmost 10 years ago, and while we loved the design, technology had advanced since then.  The old site was created in Flash, which while a cool feature for websites, is no longer the industry norm as Apple mobile products do not support that platform.  Stan’s was looking for something more modern and more geared to showing information about their establishment, and linking to their social media.  There are still some parts of the site we’re excited to complete, but overall the design is there, and the site is up and on the web!  Go to stanssportsbar.com today to see the new product!

Music Production Projects:

Our music production team has created a few really exciting projects recently that include custom beats for a classical pianist and about 25 full instrumental songs for a fitness company.

The beats for the pianist posed a challenge for our team as we were asked to create all sorts of Latin rhythms from rumbas to sambas.  But we were up for the challenge, and our client walked away extremely happy.Beat Lobby

The fitness group that needed music was putting together videos of instructors showing how to exercise using Yoga, Tabata, and other techniques that all needed music to accompany the visuals.  This too posed quite a challenge, as they were in need of very specific sounds, feels, vibes and song lengths.  In some cases, we were provided example songs to get a feel for what they were looking for.  Usually, each project was thrown back and forth between us and the client, and once we got it to their liking, they were sent the final files to incorporate into their project.  This was yet another rewarding assignment that we were happy to work on!

Custom Designs:

Just this past month, we finally launched our new custom design division’s website DesignEffex.net.  This is a site DesignEffexwhere you can browse around and buy custom designs for your events.  We specialize in weddings (invitations, save the dates, thank you cards), religious ceremonies, graduations, wine labels, and more!  We also are offering the opportunity for others to submit their own designs to be sold right on the site.  Check out the site today, and we hope you find something you like, or want to submit some of your own designs!

As you can tell, we’ve been very busy at DigitalEffex, and look to stay that way.  If you’re in need of any web services from design, to hosting, to domains, to email or if you need custom designs, or even music production, we’re the company that can make those things happen!

Contact us today at 1-888-686-4447 or email info@digitaleffex.com


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