March 22, 2018:  Losing $50 Billion of company value in a week is nothing to sneeze at.  And the CEO not coming out to speak about the issue for several days after the news broke did not help matters.  But, now that the breach has been broached, I’ve heard some people ask, “Could this be the end of Facebook?”  Personally, I don’t think that’s the case.  However, it did get me thinking about how vulnerable many businesses are.  Not that Facebook is very vulnerable, but the businesses that rely on Facebook for their online presence might be.  At DigitalEffex, we rely on the platform to get leads on potential business, like many other companies.  However, many businesses use the social media network as their SOLE source of online presence.

For those companies, hearing people ask if this could be the end of Facebook, must’ve made their heart skip a beat.  What would your company do if it lost ALL of its online presence?

The fact is you simply never know what is going to happen to another company that you’re relying on.  If Facebook, such a huge and powerful company, can encounter this kind of bad news and backlash, anyone can.  This might be a wake-up call.  If you own your own company website, you don’t have to worry about this as much.  Of course, a huge marketing tool such as Facebook going away would be a big blow to many companies whether they have a website or not.  But, you would still control the main aspect of your business’s online presence, if you have your own website.

And make no mistake, if you own a website, you should OWN the website.  What I mean is that if you build a website on some of the free platforms where you can build a “Free” website within an hour (I’m not going to mention any names), you don’t actually own the site – the platform does.  For example, if you built a website using a platform that we’ll call ‘WAX’, and then your buddy Steve tells you that he has free server space for you, and you’d like to move your website to that free space, you can’t.  WAX owns the site, the content, and everything else.  So you have to leave it there, and start over.

With DigitalEffex, we’ll build YOUR website for YOU.  Then, if you decide to shut it down, move to another server, or simply leave, you can.  It’s your property, not ours.  And that way, if a giant social network that you’ve been using for marketing, but not your entire online presence shuts down one day, you’re still in business.

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