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Since we’re so focused on web development and SEO, we figured we’d share some valuable information about SEO and how blogging can help.  Notice how we’re blogging to help our own SEO? 🙂

Consistent blogging helps in many ways.  First, it keeps your site updated.  What we mean, is that it shows that your site is fluid and not static.  Search engines love that.  When the search engine crawlers see new content on your site, they know that the site is not neglected nor abandoned.  Your site is showing value.  It’s also proving to the search engines that it’s a good place to be sending visitors.  A new blog post even every week or two will show those crawlers that new things are happening on your website.

Blogging and adding posts is also a great way to add more pages to your site.  Search engines love sites with loads of content.  It gives them a better understanding of what you do, what your site is about, and why it’s important to send visitors to it.  This is also beneficial when it comes to keyword usage.  The more pages and content you have, the more room you have for valuable keywords.

There are many benefits to blogging, and what we’ve described are only a few.  But if you’d like a free consultation on our web development services, which include SEO and blogging, reach out to us today!

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